Suppliers and partners

Advertising and directory listings

Editorial team - The Balance2life dedicated editorial team works with our Partners and Advertisers to provide a tailor-made advertising campaign.  This can include:

  • Homepage banner ads
  • Subpage banner ads
  • Premium directory listings
  • Integrated Advertorials
  • Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Product testing 
  • Newsletters
  • Marketplace deals and discounts

Premium directory listings – Premium directory listings randomly rotate with each page impression, so they each have time at the top of the listings page.  When a member clicks on your listing they are taken to your individual page within the site. This page includes email links, links to your website, social media links, business hours, payment options and content for you to complete on your products or services. 

Your account - You will receive password access to your own dashboard within the site 24/7 so you can update/change your ads when you see fit, we show you how and give you control. We can create the advertisement on your behalf making it trouble-free for you. And more importantly, you are provided with your own account manager whilst you are advertising/listing on Balance2life. 

Getting started

  • Select the service you require
  • Create your ad or listing
  • Select your target audience (not mandatory)
  • Submit your ad or listing
  • Your ad/listing will them be viewed by one of the Balance2life customer service team. We aim to have your ad/listing approved within 24 hours. 
  • You can choose to use our copywriting services when you submit your ad. If you decide to use our copywriting services your ad/listing our editorial team will create the layout and content for your ad or listing. 
  • Copywritten ads/directory listings will be sent to you for approval prior to going live on the Balance2life website. 
  • Your ads will be eligible to appear on a variety of prominent pages on the Balance2life website depending on your budget and target audience. 
  • Your ads will be displayed to Balance2life members who meet your targeting criteria. 
  • Targeting an advertisement - Targeting an advertisement allows you to narrow the scope of members that see your advertisement. Your targeting options include:
    • Age
    • Home address
    • Employer
    • Job title
    • Number and ages of children
    • Number of elderly dependents
    • Interests
    • Shopping/deals/discount preferences
    • Childcare requirements
    • Health and wellbeing preferences

What will it cost? Each service attracts a different cost. You choose the service you require prior to posting your ad/listing. This means you can control your costs and budget for them in advance. 

We require a credit card to bill you for the advertising charges that you incur. There is no minimum weekly, monthly or annual spend requirement.

Creating an ad or listing

  • Once you have paid Balance2life for your advertisement/listing you will be provided with an account log in and password. You will be prompted to change your password when you log in for the first time. 
  • You will then be taken to your dashboard where you can click New ad campaign on the right and select Start new. 
  • Follow the steps to create and test your ad or listing 
  • You then select the target audience for your ad/listing. Completing the target options is not mandatory. 
  • Once you have created your ad/listing you then click on submit. This submits your ad/listing to our admin team so they can review and ensure that it meets the Balance2life advertising guidelines. You will receive notification that your ad/listing has been approved. It is only when you have received approval that your ad will go live on the Balance2life website. 

The Balance2life advertising guidelines – these guidelines outline the acceptable rules and requirements that must be followed when advertising on Balance2life. 

The guidelines outlines rules in regards to 

  • Accuracy
  • Acceptable language and words
  • Website links

Content and topics

  • Editing your ad/listing - To edit your ad/listing you need to log into your dashboard
  • Click on your ad/listing
  • Then click the field you want to edit (URL, image, text, headline, etc.) and you will have the option to modify it.

Click Submit and your changes will go through to Balance2life admin for approval. 

View your ad/listing – for the time you are advertising with Balance2life you will have access to the members’ website so you can view your ad and check out the different features and services Balance2life offers. 

Acceptable links – you can link your ad to any third party website providing it meets our ads agreement and guidelines

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