About Us

Our core values sum us up most succinctly, we are transparent, collaborative, solution focussed and fun and we're on a mission to make sure work is good for our wellbeing not the other way around. At Balance2life we’re dedicated to the idea that if we support organisations in creating caring, inclusive cultures that foster physiological safety and wellbeing we can end burnout and send people home happy, safe and fulfilled. 

Balance2life offers an alternative approach to employee wellbeing, where success is viewed as the creation of human value and organisational value in harmony.

Our unique point of difference is the fusion of well people, quality leadership and healthy cultures, that when integrated into the employee experience acts to uncover the sweet spot in wellbeing, belonging and sustainable performance.

At Balance2life we believe that organisational and individual wellbeing are intrinsically linked. 

With that in mind we’ve dedicated that last decade to understanding the messiness and complexity of what it means to be human so we can positively impact the world of work. 

With an amazing product and an awesome team we're reinventing employee wellbeing and challenging people to think differently about what it means to truly thrive. 

Giving Back

balance2life is affiliated with various foundations and charities. We recognise the path to thriving involves giving back to people in our community and assisting with worthwhile causes. 

Balance2life is also a supporter of Blank Canvas Investments. Blank Canvas Investments was started by the directors of Balance2life due to their passion and desire to assist and attract women in business. 

As women who have successfully set up, run and exited a number of companies we understand the unique challenges women face when it comes to building and growing a business.

Our passion was born from the belief that women will solve the worlds problems into the future. Focussed on providing access, opportunity and education for female led start-ups, Blank Canvas Investments is an active and vibrant community where existing and potential female founders can thrive and grow.

We humbly acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the unceded Australian land on which we live and work. We stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and First Nations people the world over in their fight for self-determination, recognition and justice.

Balance2life is committed to providing respectful, inclusive services and work environments where all individuals feel accepted, safe, affirmed and celebrated.

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