Minimise Psychosocial Risks & Maximise Potential

Leadership Development for the Whole Person

Accelerating human centred leaders who prioritise wellbeing and create environments free from psychological risk in line with ISO-45003 standards.

A three-step process to foster intention and build habits relevant to the employee experience. Using a Learn, Practice, Connect framework we anchor to your organisations purpose, embed your values and leadership principals and apply these to everyday work situations. This method provides participants with clarity of intention, actions that embodies the intentions, and structural support that makes the behaviour easy to execute.

Centred around the guiding principles of Respect, Inclusion, Support and Ethics, RISE defines success as Respectful leaders who value Inclusion and create Supportive cultures where Ethical behaviours are the norm.

When you combine live cohort-based classes with a best-in-class learning platform, you get a next-generation learning experience that employees – and learning administrators – love.


Healthy People

Bite-sized modules that cater to the whole person. Hyper-personalised and delivered in context, employees get the information and support they need, when they need it. 


Healthy Leaders

Micro-learning, a collaborative community and intelligent nudges to develop human centred leaders, proactively address mental health and burnout and minimise psychosocial hazards.  

Healthy Organisations

Embed wellbeing into the flow of work with seamless integrations that deliver consistent and targeted messages of care, bringing your wellbeing strategy to life across every part of the organisation.


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A Human Centred Platform Transforming Employee Wellbeing

  • White labelled and accessed via one intuitive mobile interface

  • Single Sign On and seamless integrations with your favourite software

  • AI powered custom cards that boost utlisation of existing benefits via recommendations, nudges and seamless connections

  • Provide manager training in line with Safe Work Australia’s Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work Model Code of Practice and ISO-45003 standards

  • Hyper-personalised micro-learning experiences to provide people with intrinsic coaching on timely topics

  • Recognise a Moment - peer-to-peer recognition tool

  • Support and promote mental health first aiders

  • Create multi-channel, hyper-personalised campaigns

  • Whole person assessment - wellbeing assessment and benchmarking tool

  • A dedicated customer success team to provide expert guidance and support

  • Real-time analytics dashboard to understand and measure impact

  • Dedicated hub to support people leaders

  • Flourishing activators using QR technology to engage non-desk based workers

  • A comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) to back up our long standing commitment to data privacy, transparency, trust and data security 


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