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Meeting People in Their MomentsThatMatter

A highly customisable wellbeing experience platform that connects your people, existing benefits and data with the feature set you need to deliver mobile journeys of wellbeing, inclusion and belonging, right from your employees preferred communication channels.

  • Expanding the focus from technical solutions that sit to the side, targeting only the individual to an adaptive solution that focuses on the workplace as a whole.

  • Promoting mindsets and behaviours that develop robust leaders and build capable teams.

  • Translating data into actionable workflows that can be mapped across the entire employee experience.

  •  Delivering an exceptional user experience that fits seamlessly into the flow of work.

  • Creating the ultimate destination for wellbeing and performance to rise in tandem.


Healthy People

Bite-sized modules that cater to the whole person. Hyper-personalised and delivered in context employees get the information and support they need, when they need it. 


Healthy Leaders

Tools, resources and intelligent nudges to develop human centred leaders, proactively address mental health and burnout and minimise psychosocial hazards.  

Healthy Organisations

Embed wellbeing into the flow of work with seamless integrations that deliver consistent and targeted messages of care, bringing your wellbeing strategy to life in every part of the organisation.


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Our Offering

  • Flexible, scaleable and customisable

  • White labelled and accessed via one intuitive mobile interface

  • Single Sign On and seamless integrations with your favourite software

  • Team collaboration tools and real time insights 

  • Fresh and inspiring content across a range of holistic topics

  • Predictive micro-learning experiences to provide people with intrinsic coaching on timely topics

  • Recognise a Moment - peer-to-peer recognition tool

  • Whole person assessment - wellbeing assessment and benchmarking tool

  • A range of holistic tools to support people on their balance2life journeys

  • Real-time analytics dashboard

  • Dedicated managers hub to support people leaders

  • A comprehensive information security management system (ISMS) to back up our long standing commitment to data privacy, transparency, trust and data security 


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