Uncovering the MomentsThatMatter

Powerfully engaging, interactive and flexible, the balance2life smarthub offers unrivalled engagement solutions suitable for organisations of any size and sector. Utilising the Balance Break propriety formula that combines inspiring stories, predictive technologies and people science, our holistic solution nudges behaviours and mindsets to develop the core capabilities of your leaders and improve the wellbeing of your people, right in the flow of work. 

At Balance2life we're not following trends we're setting them, and with MomentsThatMatter we are changing the narrative from starting another program to going on a journey of self discovery.

The difference between a program and a journey is the tangible output of value. When you create a journey, really what you’re doing is showing you care. Key to creating memorable journeys is to approach them from the mindset of ‘this is a moment that matters”. It’s not just a box-tick exercise. It’s an opportunity to build a psychologically safe workplace and show appreciation for the contribution your people make towards the organisations shared purpose.




Coaching support for work and life

Utilising Balance Break predictive technologies, B2L Smartcoach is an on-demand virtual coach that is delivered via micro-learning experiences to educate and inspire across a variety of timely topics. 

Covering a range of expert generated topics to compliment initiatives and support people on their balance2life journeys, the Smartcoach delivers hyper-personalised content to the end user and rich insights to the organisation. 

Housed on our mobile responsive, white labelled hub the Smartcoach includes:

  • On-boarding/marketing materials
  • MomentsThatMatter campaign - powered by Balance Break technology
  • A holistic library of health, wellbeing and inclusion modules
  • Interactive and immersive modules for parents and caregivers
  • Connections to relevant support services and internal offerings
  • Tools and resources relating to wellbeing, essential skills and inclusion
  • Gamification and incentive frameworks
  • Podcast channel
  • Goal setting and progress tracking tools
  • Fresh and inspiring content delivered via a range of communication mediums
  • Self assessments, pulse surveys and predictive analytics
  • Chat and social channels
  • Timely topics on working remotely, managing remote workers and returning to work
  • Budgeting and financial resources
  • Real time analytic dashboard


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