Transform Your Managers Into Leaders

Leading WELL is a pivotal framework that emphasises Psychological Safety and meets Positive Duty Obligations. Initiated by a 360 evaluation which helps managers assess their effectiveness in relation to the Leading WELL Reset, Mindset and Skillset Framework. A blend of digital and in-person group coaching then nudges the behaviours and mindsets managers should refine to model leadership that’s aligned to your organisations goals and values.

By translating science into practical action, Leading WELL gives managers a set of science backed principals and actionable habits that create conditions where team members feel safe to collaborate effectively, take interpersonal risks, speak up and express ideas.

The self-paced journey is delivered as a 30 day experience with each week consumed across a range of different modes of learning, from digital micro-learning, to quizzes, intelligent nudges, cohort based coaching and self-reflection.




A Human Centred Platform Transforming Employee Wellbeing

A highly customisable wellbeing experience platform, Balance2life's SmartHub connects your people, existing benefits and data with the feature set you need to deliver mobile journeys of wellbeing, inclusion and belonging, right from your employees preferred communication channels.

No smoke. No mirrors. Just a frictionless user experience that embeds wellbeing into the flow of work to create actual impact.

Expanding the focus from technical solutions that sit to the side, targeting only the individual to an adaptive solution that focuses on the workplace as a whole. B2L's SmartHub offers the ultimate destination for wellbeing and performance to rise in tandem.

We humbly acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the unceded Australian land on which we live and work. We stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and First Nations people the world over in their fight for self-determination, recognition and justice.

Balance2life is committed to providing respectful, inclusive services and work environments where all individuals feel accepted, safe, affirmed and celebrated.

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