The Power of Positive Psychology

Often when we consider matters of the mind we look at what we are doing wrong in terms of our thinking rather than improving or enhancing what we may already be doing right. At balance2life we pride ourselves on the priority we give toward the power of positive thinking and always place an emphasis on reinforcing positive behaviours rather than simply pointing out areas where people may be doing the wrong thing.

In many ways, businesses have made these mistakes when developing performance management systems; appraisals and behavioral policies that can all start from a position of weakness. In this sense, positive psychology reverses the focus. Without negating the fact that life and business can be tough, it helps people understand how to bring a positive focus, purpose, and resilience to their professional, as well as personal lives.

There are many factors which can arise from the use of positive psychology these include:

Building and using your strengths

this includes actually identifying where your strengths are rather than your weaknesses and then working on ways to build on these to enhance your personal and professional life. 

Boosting your self-confidence

By focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses it is natural that your self-confidence will receive a boost as you look at yourself and your daily habits in a more positive light. 

Fostering resilience and gaining the ability to handle negativity in a productive way

An advantage of this sort of positive thinking is to improve your level of resilience when it comes to handling any negativity that may arise within your day-to-day life. Just think about this from a personal point of view – if you are in a positive frame of mind and feeling good about yourself are you more or less likely to let negative energy arising from a certain situation get the better of you? Undoubtedly you would be less likely to allow negativity to enter your mindset no matter how difficult a situation may be. The main point to remember here is not to overlook your weaknesses altogether, focus on your strengths in order to build your confidence and overall ability to deal with any negative aspects you may find yourself facing.

Aligning your gifts, goals and values to enhance your personal motivation and purpose

This can be important when setting personal goals. Goals are helpful to direct your steps, but more important than goals is the strong reason “why” you work for those goals. When you understand your “why” you’ll be more motivated to push through. 

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