6 Impactful Tips on How to Be a Better Leader in a Hybrid World

Hybrid leadership involves working with teams operating within a mixed working model, meaning employees work remotely and within the office. 

There are various configurations for these agreements. For instance, some team members might work from home three days a week, coming to the office to work for the other two. Or else, team members work almost entirely at home, only occasionally visiting the office for events or in-person team meetings. 

Whatever the arrangement, this new way of working together calls for a fresh approach to leading others. And it's an approach that allows everyone to ramp up effectiveness and job satisfaction if handled with openness and awareness. 

Let's take a look at six ways you can build your leadership skills in a hybrid world: 

  1. Communicate effectively: In a hybrid work environment, clear and consistent communication is more critical than ever. Leaders should ensure that their team members understand their expectations and that everyone is on the same page, which you can achieve with regular check-ins, team meetings, and setting clear goals and deadlines. 

  2. Embrace flexibility: Hybrid work environments require leaders to be more flexible in managing their teams, meaning being open to new ways of working and encouraging your team members to find ways to be productive in their unique circumstances. 
  3. Foster a culture of trust: Trust is essential in any team, but it is crucial in a hybrid work environment. Leaders should work to build trust with their team members by being transparent and honest and by creating an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. 
  4. Prioritise mental health and wellbeing: The shift to hybrid work can be challenging for some team members. Leaders should be mindful of this and ensure that their team members have the support they need to maintain their mental health and wellbeing, including offering resources such as mental health support or flexible work arrangements. 
  5. Create the meeting rule: "One virtual, all virtual". It's a practice that can solve many productivity or engagement concerns. Plus, it helps create inclusion. The method involves designing meetings and the general culture around everyone being virtual, even if there are only a minority of people that work remotely. It will make sessions quicker, more inclusive, and less biased. 
  6. Lead by example: Finally, the most influential leaders lead by example by being role models for the behaviour and attitudes they want to see in their team members. Some examples include: Being punctual, being responsive to team member's needs, and being willing to admit when you make a mistake. 

Today's hybrid workplace models allow leaders to leave behind poor practices and embrace new best-practice behaviours that nurture their teams and build trust. 

Indeed, these new flexible workplace models offer an excellent opportunity for leaders to engage and empower their teams to ensure that their businesses and organisations continue to be successful. 

At Balance2life, our Journey to Leading WELL can guide you to develop the skills and capabilities needed to foster professional relationships so that you can feel more confident and empowered in your leadership role.  

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