12 Energy-Conserving Strategies to Lighten Your Leadership Load

Today's managers face heavy workloads and high levels of stress. While it might seem intuitive to halt their development efforts to alleviate their burden, our research indicates otherwise. It's crucial for managers to actively participate in skill-building programs to equip themselves with the essential human skills and emotional intelligence demanded by the post-industrial economy. Here are twelve of our favourite strategies to help you lighten your managerial load.


7 Essential Power Skills that Leaders Need to Walk the Path to Success

As a manager or leader in the workplace, you understand the ever-evolving challenges and expectations that come with your role. It's not just about managing tasks or meeting targets; it's about leading people and driving change. Therefore, to excel in this dynamic environment, it's crucial to master the following seven essential power skills. Each skill is a stepping stone on your path to success, and with small, actionable steps, you can cultivate these abilities to become a more effective and inspiring leader.


Lead with Distinction: The Power of Mindset, Skillsets, and Renewal

In the dynamic world of leadership, it's not merely about what you can do; it's about who you become in the process. Your thoughts, beliefs, and habits deeply influence your actions, results, and, ultimately, your career trajectory. As a manager or leader, harnessing the power of mindset, skillsets, and renewal is paramount. Below, we dive into the intricate dance of these three dimensions to get you leading with unparalleled distinction.


Mental Fitness Essentials for Human-Centred Leadership

In a world powered by relentless innovation and the ceaseless march of technology, we often neglect the one asset that drives all our endeavours – the human brain. Neuroscience continues to unlock the secrets of this incredible organ, revealing its tremendous capacity for growth, change, and evolution. This potential for transformation, known as neuroplasticity, has opened up new horizons in understanding leadership, motivation, and mental fitness.


Do's and Don'ts of Respectful Leadership

Respectful leadership is a leadership style characterised by treating others with dignity, fairness, and understanding. This style of leadership is not only crucial for creating a positive work environment, but it is also essential for building trust and fostering effective communication within teams.


Ready to Play Ball in Business?

Study after study, and survey after survey, show that employees, especially Millennials, value growth over most other perks. What used to be referred to as “soft skills” are now rightly being branded “power skills” and are proving invaluable tools to help you grow in life and at work.


The Enviable Workspace – Design your workspace for maximum productivity

We think this quote by Alexander Den Heijer sums up how important your physical environment is perfectly "When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows. Not the flower”


The Paradox of the Corporate Employee: How to be Highly Engaged and Avoid Burnout

Having made a sea change a number of years ago it has been a while since I have been reminded of the years I spent in the corporate sector where I would work extremely long hours across the completion of complex projects.


Surviving the School Holidays

If you're wondering how awesome my recent “break” was let me tell you this, I’m a mum, it was school holidays and my son found his recorder! 

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